Complete assembly of indoor and outdoor facilities.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of production and plant engineering. Be it with the production of our own electronic interlocking EUROLOCKING or with assembly or wiring services. We assemble the indoor and outdoor systems from A to Z on a turn-key basis.

Assembly and Technical Site Management
Our installation managers coordinate, manage and monitor all installation work on the construction site with a view to efficient acceptance by the customer. During the construction phase, a competent contact person from BÄR Bahnsicherung is available to you. During implementation, you can also rely on our support in the area of specialist construction management. Whether as an advisor to the overall management, by organising quality controls and acceptances or by providing other services, BÄR Bahnsicherung takes the pressure off you and helps you to complete your projects efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

Material Procurement and Logistics
We get the material to the right place at the right time. Whether components for the new EUROLOCKING interlocking or components for the proven Domino interlockings, BÄR Bahnsicherung procures, coordinates, and delivers on time to your construction site.

Supply of Electronic Interlocking Cabinet
BÄR Bahnsicherung assembles your complete interlocking cabinets. Pre-assembly is carried out on a project-specific basis at one of our locations. This enables short assembly and installation times for your new interlocking system on site.

Indoor facility for Electronic Interlocking
We assemble your new interlocking on a turn-key basis. The positioning and wiring of the new interlocking cabinets in a building or in a technical cabin is carried out by our experienced interior system engineers. In doing so, we focus on a uniform appearance and a high-quality standard in your new indoor system.

Domino interlocking systems
We assemble proven interlocking technology with a great deal of expertise. A comprehensive range of services includes the assembly of the interior system of Domino interlockings. To meet the challenges of new constructions and conversions on installations in operation, we rely on well-trained, experienced, and motivated personnel. In addition to the widely used Do69 and Do67 interlockings, BÄR Bahnsicherung also offers its expertise in DoC & Do55 interlocking conversions. With the typical assembly work of the interior systems, we also take care of the installation of the power supply and the remote control.

Outdoor Facility
We build your outdoor facility from A to Z. For the installation of the outdoor system, you are well served by Field Engineers from BÄR Bahnsicherung. The safety of the Field Engineers is always a priority, whether in a track closure or during operation. The installation department has a well-equipped fleet of vehicles at its disposal for the work to be carried out, including many special tools.

Train control ZBMS 
The implementation of the ZBMS standard for metre gauge railways is in full production. In addition to the project planning, BÄR Bahnsicherung takes over all installation services of the outdoor system for the complete train control system ZBMS.

Cable pull
BÄR Bahnsicherung creates the complete cable system for you. We rely on reliable partners for the cable pulling of trunk cables. The laying of feeder cables is carried out by us or partner companies, depending on the scope. We are your contact for procurement, coordination, and quality assurance.


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