System Solutions & Services

We plan, design, assemble and test complete system solutions and integrate them into existing systems.

System Solutions

Electronic Interlocking Solutions SIL 4

EUROLOCKING is a customer focused, modular electronic interlocking system that uses industry standard products and is ready for you to use in a minimal amount of time.

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Interlocking Solutions in Relay Technology

We have extensive experience in the project planning of interlockings of the Domino-type.

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System Integration

Delivery of comprehensive turnkey systems consisting of defferent subsystems from various manufacturers around the core interlocking system.

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Train Control ZBMS

Comprehensive services in train control ZBMS.

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Planning & Project Management

Pre-project, construction project, project planning, construction supervision, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of new buildings and conversions.

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Complete assembly of indoor and outdoor facilities.

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Safety Inspection

Factory inspection, independent expert analysis and safety reports.

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Training & Further Education

With our range of training and courses, we support you in strengthening, maintaining, and expanding the specialist knowledge of your employees.

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