BÄR Smart Engine Light

The compact and cost-effective HIMatrix safety controller with optimised BÄR interlocking software.

The Smart Engine Light is a compact and cost-effective application for various applications, especially interfaces to adjacent systems. These include:

  • Automatic signal operation (Train control)
  • Universal level crossing interface for standardised transmission of commands and messages between interlocking and level crossings from any manufacturer
  • Block interface to neighbouring interlocking systems of any manufacturer, both in relay design and electronically

The signal flow to the interlocking computer takes place via various bus systems with their communication modules or as discrete signals via permanently integrated digital inputs and outputs.

  • The Smart Engine Light is used as main computer for simple set-ups or as a remote computer
  • Up to 100 instances can be controlled by a computer unit
  • Maintenance-free, therefore, low product life costs
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply of at least 25 years
  • Remote diagnostics

The following Ethernet based bus protocols are supported:

  • SafeEthernet (HIMA)
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ethernet

The Communication is single-channel.


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