BÄR Smart Engine Diagnostics

Sub-systems for Maintenance and Diagnostics (MDS) and Data Logging (DLS).

BÄR Smart Engine Diagnostics is used to record, store, and evaluate data relating to faults and statuses of the interlocking system.

All states of the interlocking’s internal and external systems are read and evaluated by the interlocking computer. If it detects a fault based on the read status, it generates an alarm message which is transmitted to the OPC server on the MDS/DLS computer and written to an SQL database.

The user can display the data via a web browser. Due to the use of a web server, several users from different locations can simultaneously view the MDS/DLS messages on a display screen without the need to install special software on the user’s computer.

To increase availability, the MDS/DLS computers are duplicated. In case of maintenance, malfunction, or failure of one computer or network connection to one computer, the system continues to run on the second. Updates and even the replacement of the complete computer can, therefore, be carried out during operation. Both computers are identical except for the network settings and perform identical functions. 

The interlocking computer communicates with both computers simultaneously. If an MDS/DLS computer is no longer accessible for the interlocking, the information is indicated on the other computer.

The data logger (DLS) stores all changes of state of all elements for 30 days. After this period, the oldest information is continuously overwritten with new information. If required, backup routines can be set up to save the data at certain intervals to a server within the railway operator’s service network.

Main components:

  • Interlocking computer for notification and fault generation
  • Network connection from the interlocking computer to the MDS/DLS computers

Computer system redundant with the following functions:

  • Storage of notifications and faults
  • Data preparation


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