Secure Communication due to BÄR FSE-FSX

FSE-FSX is a safe system bus developed by BÄR Bahnsicherung based on the specifications of the Frauscher Safe Ethernet (FSE) protocol.

In a typical interlocking, the individual sub-systems communicate with each other via different communication channels and exchange data. The common feature of the connections in the electronic interlocking of BÄR Bahnsicherung is that Ethernet is used as the transmission medium. Different network protocols are used depending on the requirements with regard to safety, data volume and protocol composition and also depending on the system components used. In addition to FSE-FSX and FSE, the EUROLOCKING interlocking also uses Safe Ethernet, Modbus TCP, PROFISafe and Ethernet.

Frauscher FSE System Bus
The FSE system bus is a safe bus connection and is used for data transmission from Frauscher axle counters to interlockings or other signalling equipment and meets the requirements for safety integrity level SIL 4 according to CENELEC standards. 

BÄR Bahnsicherung has developed its own software implementation of the FSE system bus, which can also be made available to other system integrators.

BÄR FSE-FSX System Bus
FSE-FSX is a system bus developed by BÄR Bahnsicherung on the basis of the Frauscher FSE system bus specifications. In contrast to the FSE protocol, the application data is specifically adapted for communication connections from the interlocking computer to the Object Controller ISL and IPM.

The BÄR FSE-FSX System Bus allows Plug&Play use of the BÄR Object Controllers and meets the requirements for safety integrity level SIL 4 according to the CENELEC standards.

SafeEthernet System Bus
The SafeEthernet system bus meets the requirements of SIL 4 in accordance with the CENELEC standards and is used for communication between the HIMA system components. Typical applications are data connections from the interlocking computer to the computer for automatic signal operation, to control systems based on HIMA components and as a data link between adjacent interlockings.

Modbus TCP
This protocol is used for data of the diagnostic acquisition, which is transferred to the interlocking computer via O-terminals with the corresponding bus coupler. The transmission of this data is not safety relevant.

Ethernet of the Railway Operator
Information that is not directly relevant to security is transmitted on the service network. This includes, in particular, diagnostic data that only serve to indicate events. A typical application is the data transmission from the UPS to the interlocking computer or also the diagnostic data transmission from the interlocking computer to the diagnostic computers.

PROFIsafe is a SIL 3 certified protocol. It is an extension of the PROFINET system for safety-related applications. PROFIsafe is used for communication with control systems.


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