Object Controller for signal lamps

The BÄR OC SL can be used for Main-, Pre-, Dwarf- and Secondary signals.

The BÄR OC SL works independently of the signal system used in different countries.

The BÄR OC SL are the interface between the central interlocking computer and the signal lamps in the outdoor area. They switch the signal voltage to the corresponding signal lamps via circuits that can be safely switched off.

The status of the signal lamps is constantly and reliably monitored by means of current monitoring. In the event of a fault, e.g. if a signal lamp fails, the corresponding interface card of the OC SL reports the fault to the interlocking computer and brings the signal into a specified safe state.

A single BÄR OC SL can accommodate up to six interface cards (ISL), which in turn can control up to eight signal lamps. The ISL backplane is mounted on the back of the BÄR OC SL. It serves as the interface for the power supply to and from the ISL.

On the left side of the backplane are the feed-in with the input fuses from the 230 VAC power supply, whereby each signal path is assigned its own fuse. Above the fuses are the outgoing plugs of the signal cables to the cable termination rack. The configuration data of the signals are located on the backplane.

The interface board for signals is available in two versions:

  • ISL4: Control and monitoring of up to four signal lamps
  • ISL8: Control and monitoring of up to eight signal lamps

The data connection to the interlocking computer is established via a redundant, secure Ethernet bus connection FSE-FSX.


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