Saignelégier, the 12th of November 2021: the 3rd EUROLOCKING in operation within CJ

In the morning of Friday the 12th of November 2021, the whole railway station in Saignelégier was modified with a new signalling system monitored by a EUROLOCKING.

The old relay interlocking “DOMINO 69” was replaced step by step by the electronic interlocking since Tuesday the 9th of November while keeping the train operation.

The Saingnelégier railway station is now the biggest EUROLOCKING in operation monitoring:

  • 17 Points
  • 2 Derailment Devices
  • 4 LED Advance Signals
  • 9 LED Main Signals
  • 25 LED Dwarf Signals
  • 48 Axle Counter
  • 4 Level Crossings (RGS & TyK)

This project dealed for the 1st time with a new track layout: the scissors crossover which now joined our standard features.

As the installation in Alle-Centre, a 23 m2 prebuilt technical room is housing the interlocking (made of 6 cabinets) and the uninterruptible power supply (made of 4 cabinets). The UPS can supply during 6 hours the installation in case of power network failure.


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