New EUROLOCKING functions receive Type approval in Switzerland

At the end of March, the Federal Office of Transport (BAV) granted Type approval for the following new EUROLOCKING functions and interfaces:

  • Track vacancy detection by means of track circuits UGSK3
  • Non-rail-free access to the platform
  • Manual shunting zones

Since the commissioning of the pilot system at Chemins de fer du Jura in September 2018, the Type approval has been extended for the second time to include a function and interface package.

The area of application of EUROLOCKING is therefore extended, giving more customers the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of EUROLOCKING. EUROLOCKING is characterised by the consistent use of standardised and widely used industrial components as well as a multitude of digital interfaces to widely used adjacent systems.

But that is not all! For several months now, our experts have been working at full capacity on the next function and interface update.

By far the largest update package in the history of EUROLOCKING.

In addition to smaller and new functions, the following are the main components:

  • The full implementation of the Type-N signalling system.
  • The connection of the Iltis Centralised Traffic Control system from Siemens as a further option to the already approved interfaces to the systems VBBa from Actemium LeitTec and SCTF05-B from Kummler & Matter.

All functions and interfaces of this package will be put into operation for the first time at various new site installations in Autumn 2021.



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